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De Guide de l'Installation Electrique
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--Suniti (discussion) 27 avril 2016 à 00:40 (EDT) Suniti

Chapter A Migration Done

bugs and improvements --LMischler (discussion) 11 mai 2016 à 05:30 (EDT)

  • another possible idea on chapter A = add a link to an Ecodial page on SE.fr website, in the Methodology page where Ecodial is introduced --LMischler (discussion) 12 mai 2016 à 10:14 (EDT)

Points to KEEP IN MIND (no action)

nota: I have detected that there are some "special space" characters in the book, which are copy/pasted in the wiki (but they are "not-visible" in the wiki when you edit the page, as they just look like a normal space)
normally they have no impact in the wiki
but we may decide to detect and replace them during copy/paste process, to avoid having them in the wiki (replace them by normal space ?)
--LMischler (discussion) 3 mai 2016 à 05:27 (EDT)


because they were too big --LMischler (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 10:10 (EDT)

these 2 tables should be exactly the same, as they come directly from the same international standard
Romain: I have added a 2-page extract of IEC60038 standards in the BOX (same folder as french guide in PDF), with these 2 tables, can you check the french wiki
(I have quickly detected some mistakes in some reference, where there is a [c] when it should be a [b]
I have checked and corrected the english wiki according to the Standards (2 small mistakes were there)
--LMischler (discussion) 3 mai 2016 à 10:34 (EDT)

Alignment for formula with text (Laurent to check) Courants subtransitoires et réglage des protections

added a link in "migration rules" to a help page explaining how to do that: it's inthis page
in fact you have to use a syntax like: <math style="vertical-align:-70%;"> and play with the value in %
I modified one alignment in the page you mentioned
--LMischler (discussion) 28 avril 2016 à 11:12 (EDT)

Content co-ordination with Chapter names and Fr text to be provided for "See Chapter" Méthodologie de conception d'une installation électrique

Romain, you have to do this one = put the proper french text ("voir chapitre ...") and position these texts/links at the right place --LMischler (discussion) 28 avril 2016 à 11:14 (EDT)
you could also decide to avoid using "voir chapitre ..." and just add the link on the relevant piece of text: for example, in the part for Branchement, you could just add the 2 links to chapter B and C on the texts "Moyenne tension" and "Basse-tension", as discussed the other day
--LMischler (discussion) 3 mai 2016 à 05:17 (EDT)

Footnote text is not coming (Laurent to check)

it is due to the fact that there is an equal sign (=) in the footnote text
to avoid the problem, if there is an = sign in a footnote text (or table title, figure title), just replace it by =
--LMischler (discussion) 28 avril 2016 à 11:03 (EDT)
updated this comment as recommendation was not OK --LMischler (discussion) 3 mai 2016 à 04:59 (EDT)

Table modified (columns added for better readability)

good idea and well done ..; I have applied the same in EN wiki --LMischler (discussion) 2 mai 2016 à 07:39 (EDT)

Spacing between 2 parts are different, 2 space or 1 space Réglementations et normes électriques

it was a tricky one, because it was due to a non-visible "special space" character, which exists from copy/pasting from book text

bugs and improvements --LMischler (discussion) 11 mai 2016 à 05:30 (EDT)

  • I just found a bug in table A6 : the titles are not OK (see EN wiki)
I added some   between value of volts and "V" for unit (column headers), to avoid having the "V" on the next line
it should be a "5col" table, eg large width ... but then depending on screen resolution, it means that it will only be displayed after the navigation bar on the right ... no so nice ... but no sure how to avoid that

Following tables are having different content from EN wiki tables

I made 2 corrections in the table, same as english updating 2016
there are other differences = some extra lines in english, with some power in kW (150, 220, 280 ...) that are not there in the french book/wiki.
I know this was a decision of France to remove these lines, as there is no value of Voltage on the rest of these lines.
but they are kept in the english table (same as in the Standards table)
for me both choices are OK
Romain: up to you, you might ask Denis, or leave it like this
--LMischler (discussion) 3 mai 2016 à 10:52 (EDT)

after discussing with Denis, we keep it like this (both solutions are OK)

yes, in French book the 2 voltage levels on top of columns have been updated to 230 V and 400 V
I think this is a mistake, as these voltage levels are the "no-load" voltages of the transfomers (the the nomial on-load voltage)
also, if ever these voltages are confirmed, the In values indicated below are no more OK (they are calculated based on 237 and 410 V)
Romain can you please check with Denis

correction done by Romain (same as EN) after discussing with Denis,

Following tables are having English content instead of French

  • Normes Table (row with text CEI 60446) Normes
and also CEI 60364-7-707 and CEI/TS 62749 --Romain.R (discussion) 28 avril 2016 à 09:17 (EDT)

modifications done by Romain after discussion with Denis
60364-7-707 deleted (obsolete)
60446 translated + number updated to 60445 (same correction done in EN)
62749: does not exist in FR ==> kept in english