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De Guide de l'Installation Electrique

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Ligne 4 : Ligne 4 :
=== Text in Bold ===
=== Text in Bold ===
* PDF pg N4 [[Protection d'un alternateur#Protection contre les courts-circuits ]]
* PDF pg N4 [[Protection d'un alternateur#Protection contre les courts-circuits ]]
* PDF pg N58 [[Fonctions de protection des moteurs]]
* PDF pg N58 [[Fonctions de protection des moteurs]]
:ok checked--[[Utilisateur:Romain.R|Romain.R]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Romain.R|discussion]]) 22 juillet 2016 à 04:33 (EDT)
=== Level 3 and 4 ===
=== Level 3 and 4 ===

Version du 22 juillet 2016 à 03:33

Chapter N >> Migration done


points to check

Text in Bold

ok checked--Romain.R (discussion) 22 juillet 2016 à 04:33 (EDT)

Level 3 and 4

PDF pg N7 >> Change in EN and FR formulas

Les fonctions de contrôle avec un alternateur

Suniti please do as in EN wiki
Romain: it was modified in EN book = added the factor ".100", so that the result is directly the value as a "percentage", eg 78 for 78%) --LMischler (discussion) 28 juin 2016 à 08:00 (EDT)
Formulas modified as per EN wiki --Suniti (discussion) 29 juin 2016 à 23:35 (EDT)

Images Text to be checked (moved the text(a,b,c) from Fig note text with the corresponding images)

Romain: I have re-created a title to the figure + placed part of book title below each figure ==> to be checked --LMischler (discussion) 28 juin 2016 à 08:00 (EDT)

Tables to be checked

rather than trying to make it nice as one table for both AC and DC circuits, I decided to separate as 2 tables, one in each related paragraph (seems much more logical to me)
Romain to confirm as different from FR book PDF --LMischler (discussion) 28 juin 2016 à 08:00 (EDT)
Romain these tables were updated in EN wiki in 2013 or 2015, please confirm if Suniti should take EN table or FR PDF table --LMischler (discussion) 28 juin 2016 à 08:00 (EDT)
Laurent to check how to manage the width of this table (now = "6col" which does not exist, 5col is not large enough ...)
I tried to use 5col width and manage the size of last column, for "correct" readability
it is not ideal but can work
Romain please confirm if it's OK, or if it is better to split again as 2 separate tables --LMischler (discussion) 28 juin 2016 à 08:00 (EDT)
Romain to check, I think it's a bug in FR book PDF --LMischler (discussion) 28 juin 2016 à 08:00 (EDT)
Romain I think it's also a mistake in FR PDF
also check the "sub-headers" as in FR PDF the first one is missing (ballast ferromagnetique) and it is not OK to have twice "Calibre du disjoncteur modulaire courbes C et D" (see EN) --LMischler (discussion) 28 juin 2016 à 08:00 (EDT)
Suniti to modify as discussed (first part as normal text, second part as a table, separating first line as header column without [a] ... --LMischler (discussion) 28 juin 2016 à 08:00 (EDT)
Changed the table format >> to be checked --Suniti (discussion) 28 juin 2016 à 22:54 (EDT)

3 tables in "Motor" sections have not been updated as EN guide

Romain these 3 tables have been updated in 2013 EN book I think, but this was not done in FR book ==> please confirm that FR book should be similar to EN

As the two tables N63a and N63b are joined together so the text above the table need to be changed

Les systèmes de contrôle-moteur

Romain check this text, Suniti has merged 2 sentences together

possible IMPROVEMENTS for the future

  • split table N54b in two parts ?

DONE + actions to do in EN wiki by Laurent

EN table no. N54 is missing in FR

it's normal, it's EN iwki that is not yet updated, Laurent to do that

No contents in EN link pages for module 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7

it is normal because this chapter has not yet been updated in EN wiki
Laurent to do it --LMischler (discussion) 28 juin 2016 à 08:00 (EDT)

Fig N66 >> to be checked with Laurent as added text with it

Configurations de démarreur-moteur

Suniti there is a very minor point on 3rd image = missing the thin line linking the "square image" to the title "Variateur", which exists in the book
Image modification done --Suniti (discussion) 29 juin 2016 à 23:31 (EDT)
ok, checked --LMischler (discussion) 7 juillet 2016 à 04:17 (EDT)

Image xls to be checked

Laurent to check last points in there
Suniti please reconvert the 2 images that are too small ... first I checked the width should be +- 400px, the second one check what seems coherent
also added one comment as in this talk page for Fig N66 (3rd image)
Reconverted the images..>> To be checked --Suniti (discussion) 1 juillet 2016 à 03:22 (EDT)
ok, checked
Suniti to migrate/create this table as per our discussion of this morning --LMischler (discussion) 28 juin 2016 à 08:00 (EDT)
Created thge table..Titles and fig text need to be confirmed as both are saying "Fig N54" and the titles are also the same --Suniti (discussion) 30 juin 2016 à 03:16 (EDT)
I modified figure numbers to N54a and N54b (+ updated the "voir table ..." text before the table)--LMischler (discussion) 7 juillet 2016 à 04:06 (EDT)
also, as discussed during weekly meeting, we will table N54b like this (and keep memory of possible improvement = split in 2 tables)