De Guide de l'Installation Electrique


This template is used to create a gallery of up to 5 images on one row


{{ Gallery | <1=fig-num> | <2=fig-title> |<3=widths>|<4=images-per-row>
|<5=image-filename-1> | <6=image-letter-1> |  <7=image-title-1>
|<8=image-filename-2> | <9=image-letter-2> |  <10=image-title-2>
|<17=image-filename-5> | <18=image-letter-5> |  <19=image-title-5> }}

Where the global gallery parameters are:

<fig-num>           is like:   A11, B42a ...
<fig-title>         is like:   Application of the diversity factor (ks) to an apartment block of 5 storeys
<widths>            is like:   220px   (the common width applied to all gallery "cells", should be bigger than the largest image in the gallery)
<4=images-per-row>  is like:   3  (default if value not provided = 4)

and then for each image in the gallery :

<image-filename> is like:   DB422001.svg   (= image file name WITH the file extension)
<image-letter>   is like:   a   (it will be enclosed in squared brackets, like [a], and highlighted eg bold)
<image-title>    is like:   this is the title related to this image

maximum number of images taken:

if 1 per row  =   4
if 2 per row  =   8
if 3 per row  =   9
if 4 per row  =   8