De Guide de l'Installation Electrique


This template is used to create a gallery of up to max 16 images, with a global Gallery title, and individual image "sub-titles". It uses the standard Gallery syntax.

For better results, all images of a gallery should have the same width and heights (or they will be resized to fit in the same "box" as the first image, used to choose the width and height)


{{ Gallery | <1=fig-num> | <2=fig-title> |<3=widths>|<4=images-per-row>
|<5=image-filename-1> | <6=image-letter-1> |  <7=image-title-1>
|<8=image-filename-2> | <9=image-letter-2> |  <10=image-title-2>
|<26=image-filename-8> | <27=image-letter-8> |  <28=image-title-8> }}

Where the global gallery parameters are:

<fig-num>           is like:   A11, B42a ...
<fig-title>         is like:   Application of the diversity factor (ks) to an apartment block of 5 storeys

with 2 more global parameters, optional (and recommended NOT to use them, unless really necessary, rather as a temporary measure)

<widths>            is like:   220px
                        If provided, all gallery image "cells" will be resized to this width.
                        If NOT provided, the first image in the gallery is used to fix the width of all gallery cells
                        The height of gallery cells is always chosen so as to keep the width/height proportions of the first image
                        Recommendation = don't use this parameter, but review the size of the images in the same gallery
<4=images-per-row>  is like:   3
                        If not provided = automatic = as many as fit in the page

and then for each image in the gallery :

<image-filename> is like:   DB422001.svg   (= image file name WITH the file extension)
<image-letter>   is like:   a   (it will be enclosed in squared brackets, like [a], and highlighted eg bold)
<image-title>    is like:   this is the title related to this image