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De Guide de l'Installation Electrique
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Chapter B migration done except few images

--Suniti (discussion) 3 mai 2016 à 01:10 (EDT)

missing some product photos

  • waiting for up-to-date photos from Energy BU, shold come by June 6th

--LMischler (discussion) 31 mai 2016 à 01:40 (EDT)
updated photos selected for EN wiki have been uploaded in FR wiki
still some photos are specific to french book and in black&white
Romain to include close verification of photos (updating if needed) during re-reading by the expert
I also uploaded new bitmap images (perspective view) and modified the titles of figures B18a and B18b as photos are for new relays VIP 40 and VIP400-450

to IMPROVE in the future

Fig. B41

the 2 images in this gallery are too big (problem with PDF exportation) ==> they could be modified to reduce their size/width --LMischler (discussion) 13 juillet 2016 à 08:30 (EDT)


Fig B36 (two/three images in one image)

  • fig B36, we still need to confirm if bitmap images are still OK, then create the gallery with 1 vectorial image + 2 bitmaps --LMischler (discussion) 31 mai 2016 à 04:26 (EDT)
images uploaded - 2 galleries created by Suniti
Laurent to confirm if it's OK (2 galleries => creates problems in PDF exportation)
I have kept the 2 "galleries", but have separated as 2 figures with 2 fig numbers & fig titles:
> Fig. B36a, using current title = "Représentation des quatre conceptions de poste suivant la norme CEI 62271-202."
> Fig. B36b, as a gallery of 2 images like it is now - just changed FigNum and defined/reviewed figure title and individual image titles
Romain to validate
validated today with Romain --LMischler (discussion) 6 septembre 2016 à 04:42 (EDT)

Change in Bullet/Sub-bullets

Bullets and sub-bullets modified --Suniti (discussion) 3 mai 2016 à 03:33 (EDT)
is there anything to finalize here, Romain ? If not, please strike it --LMischler (discussion) 8 juin 2016 à 13:40 (EDT)
is there anything to finalize here, Romain ? If not, please strike it --LMischler (discussion) 8 juin 2016 à 13:40 (EDT)

images with fr-specific texts in them

fig. B21 and fig. B30
need to validate format + re-convert them
--LMischler (discussion) 17 juin 2016 à 06:44 (EDT)
format validated with France - images converted and uploaded - OK for me --LMischler (discussion) 8 juillet 2016 à 05:11 (EDT)

Heading coming twice on PDF pg 33 (4.2.5)

no action

Note Syntax to be checked (For Laurent)

I checked and modified the syntax: the "5= ..." I suggested to use is not always OK
the proper solution is the following: anytime there is an = sign in a figure note (or title), replace it by {{=}} and it will work
--LMischler (discussion) 3 mai 2016 à 01:43 (EDT)

Position of Fig B19a to be checked

fig. B4 - problem with text overspilling

new source image available in BOX, Suniti please convert it and update image in wiki
Done --Suniti (discussion) 7 juin 2016 à 01:50 (EDT)

Footnote no. missing

Footnote number added >> Romain to check --Suniti (discussion) 3 mai 2016 à 03:33 (EDT)
this is a bug in the book, it seems that the note (1) is in one page, where there is already another note (1), and the related footnote text seems to be on next page
so please confirm that proper note number (1 and 2) is associated to proper footnote text
--LMischler (discussion) 3 mai 2016 à 11:33 (EDT)
I think it's done and OK but please "Romain" do a final check and put it in "done" --LMischler (discussion) 31 mai 2016 à 04:17 (EDT)
done--Romain.R (discussion) 6 juin 2016 à 05:00 (EDT)

Table Colour

to be modified by Laurent + Romain (strange structure)
I have modified it, Romain please check (not only look is OK, but also that content is still coherent with book, as modification was not so easy ...
--LMischler (discussion) 1 juin 2016 à 09:41 (EDT)
it's better like that and i think the understanding is better--Romain.R (discussion) 6 juin 2016 à 05:03 (EDT)

Syntax to be added for Fig B23, B36 and B41 (as two/three images in one image)

Suniti, you can now migrate fig B23, you have proper syntax to do it --LMischler (discussion) 31 mai 2016 à 04:26 (EDT)
cf syntax here: http://fr.electrical-installation.org/frwiki/Utilisateur:LMischler/EIG-wiki-syntax-2016#star_and_delta_symbols
for the 3rd image just use normal Z character in text
and as discussed, add the last piece of text (below 3rd image) to the previous one (... zig-zag ...)
Done --Suniti (discussion) 7 juin 2016 à 01:51 (EDT)
  • fig. B41: I changed to a gallery of 2 images, for me it's done and OK, to be confirmed quickly by Romain --LMischler (discussion) 31 mai 2016 à 04:32 (EDT)
ok for me too--Romain.R (discussion) 6 juin 2016 à 04:58 (EDT)

Change in Bullet/Sub-bullets

ok, for me--Romain.R (discussion) 6 juin 2016 à 05:10 (EDT)

ok, for me--Romain.R (discussion) 6 juin 2016 à 05:14 (EDT)

Table footnotes modified --Suniti (discussion) 3 mai 2016 à 03:33 (EDT)

ok--Romain.R (discussion) 6 juin 2016 à 05:14 (EDT)

Additional note points

  • Changed all the Note points to bold >> consistency with other WIKI's (even they are not bold in PDF)
quick confirmation required from Romain

ok good idea !--Romain.R (discussion) 6 juin 2016 à 04:56 (EDT)

  • PDF pg B28 >> there is no specific text for Fig B19a in the text
Romain to review the position of FigB19a in the text

ok--Romain.R (discussion) 6 juin 2016 à 04:56 (EDT)

Romain to validate if it should have same § sub-level as previous title "Afin de garantir le non déclenchement ..."

ok checked --Romain.R (discussion) 6 juin 2016 à 04:56 (EDT)

Reference structure

  • To be checked by Romain + Laurent,
  • 1.2 à 1.4 : Tensions et courants selon les normes CEI, différents types d'alimentation MT, aspects pratiques concernant les réseaux de distribution MT,
  • 2.1 à 2.2 : Procédure pour la création d'un nouveau poste,
  • 3.1 à 3.4 : Protection contre les risques électriques, défauts et dysfonctionnements,
  • 4.1 à 4.2 : Poste client avec comptage BT,
  • 5.1 à 5.2 : Poste client avec avec comptage MT,
  • 6.1 à 6.4 : Types et constitution de postes de distribution MT/BT,
  • 7.1 à 7.3 : Poste avec générateurs et fonctionnement de transformateurs en parallèle.

Done --Romain.R (discussion) 6 juin 2016 à 04:10 (EDT)
OK for me, well done --LMischler (discussion) 8 juin 2016 à 13:40 (EDT)