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De Guide de l'Installation Electrique
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Chapter H >> Migration Done

--Suniti (discussion) 3 juin 2016 à 00:56 (EDT)

improvements to do later

Pdf pg H25 >> Fig H46 >> arrow symbols with white background don't look good

Laurent to check if the wiki could manage SVG transparency
alternative solution = use .gif for these arrow symbols (and other similar icon images in tables)

page Coordination entre les disjoncteurs is very hard to read

too many levels ... and problem with "2 bullets" as mentioned by Romain on HipChat
I already changed a sub-title level, which was not coherent with the book (the one named "Sélectivité") --LMischler (discussion) 15 juin 2016 à 08:14 (EDT)
the "grey/green box" with text "La sélectivité logique ..." is at the wrong place (not good in the book), as it relates to § with similar title (Sélectivité logique ...)
Romain: I find it very strange (in the book also) that the paragraph "Synthèse des techniques de sélectivité" is longer than the previous ones which are supposed to give the details ... and after a very quick look, the content seems to be partly similar
possible ways to improve readability:
separate in several pages (one page for "discrimination", another one for "sélectivité" ...
reduce sub-title levels, to have one level of bullets (maybe 2)
OR have an expert to re-write this part ... as even in the book it is really very hard to read

modify image DB422429.svg - too much white space on the right

see page Coordination entre les disjoncteurs --LMischler (discussion) 13 juillet 2016 à 08:34 (EDT)


Suniti: if there are more of "blue squares" and "empty blue square" in coming chapters, please use these 2 templates
this way, we can always change the format in the future, just by changing the templates
--LMischler (discussion) 16 juin 2016 à 10:08 (EDT)


Points to check

page Normes et description des disjoncteurs

I just changed 2 images into a gallery, to avoid problem of small width image with a long title (not looking good)
Romain please check that the gallery + text of title + text associated with each image is OK
--LMischler (discussion) 16 juin 2016 à 11:06 (EDT)

Pdf pg H32 >> Fig H64

Disjoncteurs ultra-rapides

  • Cell border syntax/code to be asked (to highlight example values in the table) - this table was migrated as an image in EN wiki
the example values highlighted in the figure (in the PDF) are not mentioned at all in the text, so why highlight these values ?
==> I decided not to highlight any value in this table (would also be not so simple to do)
I just improved a bit the overall look&feel
Romain please confirm it's OK
ok for me

  • PDF pg H12 (For Laurent) >> Fig H20 >> Sub-bullets inside table changed to math formula (can we place the bullets/sub-bullets in any other way? >> La solution disjoncteur
I changed the math formulas to a template ... and changed the color of both to the standard wiki blue
it is a bit better, and that will do for now

Format to be checked

  • PDF pg H11 (For Laurent) >> Fig H19 >> Bullet points coming with FR specific content Fonctions réalisées
this was a problem with fr-specific text in orange background, no more a problem now that it is changed to orange text
so DONE --LMischler (discussion) 21 juin 2016 à 05:26 (EDT)

Bullet/sub-bullets points added/changed


No EN link for module 2.2

En link added--Romain.R (discussion) 15 juin 2016 à 10:02 (EDT)

Format to be checked

it's OK --LMischler (discussion) 16 juin 2016 à 10:08 (EDT)

Level 3/ 4 headings


Fig H24 (to be added) >> To be checked with Laurent

Done --Suniti (discussion) 9 juin 2016 à 02:28 (EDT)

Figures xls to be checked with laurent fo table H66

done--LMischler (discussion) 16 juin 2016 à 11:06 (EDT)