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Discussion:Les installations photovoltaïques

De Guide de l'Installation Electrique

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Chapter P >> Migration Done --Suniti (discussion) 1 juillet 2016 à 03:00 (EDT)


Table P5 >> Migration pending (to be checked with expert)

PDf pg P4 >> (*) sign changed to footnote no. 1

Principe et technologie photovoltaïque#Les modules photovoltaïques

ok--Romain.R (discussion) 6 juillet 2016 à 05:51 (EDT)

Text changed to bold

ok --Romain.R (discussion) 6 juillet 2016 à 05:51 (EDT)

Change to formulas

ok for me, Romain to confirm

Level 3/4 changed

Position of fig P9 to be checked as P9 is coming before P8f

Protection des personnes et des biens contre les risques électriques dans les installations photovoltaïques#Protection des modules PV contre un courant inverse

Fig P11a >> text is not coming properly >> To be checked

Comment assurer la sécurité lors des interventions de maintenance ou d'urgence sur les installations photovoltaïques ?

Suniti to reconvert image with extra margin

Tables from P22 to P29 >> to be checked as there are (sometimes) difference in EN and FR contents

Installations photovoltaïques : choix du matériel électrique

  • P22 >> Why footnote no. (h) in EN when there is no reference?
  • P24 >> What does Footnote no. (c) means ???
  • P25 >> Footnotes are there in EN wiki but not in FR
  • P27 >> energie text is missing in EN
  • P29 >> Coloumn "Onduleur" format is different (as divided into two sub-columns) >> Migrated as EN
it's updates done in EN book 2016 (maybe 2015), not yet updated in EN wiki ==> to be done in FR also, Romain to confirm

Other Points to Check

  • PDF pg P6 (Fig P6) and PDF pg P12 (Fig P8) >> dots (.) instead of (,) >> If (,) then need to be changed in FR WIKI
Romain to confirm if we change . to ,
  • Table P26 PDF >> EN text
Romain to provide translation