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Discussion:Les alimentations et récepteurs particuliers

De Guide de l'Installation Electrique

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Chapter N >> Migration done


Text in Bold

Level 3 and 4

PDF pg N7 >> Change in EN and FR formulas

Images Text to be checked (moved the text(a,b,c) from Fig note text with the corresponding images)

Tables to be checked

Romain these tables were updated in EN wiki in 2013 or 2015, please confirm if Suniti should take EN table or FR PDF table
  • PDF pg N61 >> Fig N65b >> 2 rows are missing in FR (to be checked which one?) and one column (Avancee +) >> La surveillance des moteurs

EN table no. N54 is missing in FR

No contents in EN link pages for module 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7

As the two tables N63a and N63b are joined together so the content above the table need to be changed

Les systèmes de contrôle-moteur

Fig N66 >> to be checked with Laurent as added text with it

La surveillance des moteurs

Image xls to be checked

Missing Tables in EN

  • FR PDF pg N37 >> Fig N48 >> Table is missing in EN
  • FR PDF pg N42 >> Fig N51 >> Table is missing in EN