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Discussion:La protection des circuits

De Guide de l'Installation Electrique

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Chapter G >> Migration Done --Suniti (discussion) 30 mai 2016 à 21:38 (EDT)


Points to check

To do for Laurent

Mix 3 pages Protection, Coupure et Sectionnement Protection du conducteur neutre --Romain.R (discussion) 6 juin 2016 à 11:07 (EDT)

Bullet points added to following pages

Text Format changed >> to be confirmed

Extra text is coming and note points are not aligned properly

Laurent to check, pb with template

Changed to Level 3/Level 4

Ok for me--Romain.R (discussion) 8 juin 2016 à 08:06 (EDT)

Note points >> Position to be checked

FR Tables content different from EN tables >> To be checked with Denis

  • Fig G12 (one row is missing in FR)
  • Fig G13 (one row is missing in FR)
  • Fig G17 (one number is different)
  • Fig G20 (One coloumn of text is extra in EN, numbers are very different and 6 images in FR while 7 in EN )
  • Fig G22 (one extra column in EN)
  • Fig G36 (Note: Formula added in EN, also added here but still some content is different)
  • Fig G37 (Note: Formula added in EN, also added here but still some content is different)
  • Fig G39 (formula in the table note is different)
  • Fig G52
  • Fig G58 (position of table rows is different)
  • Fig G59 (minor number change)
  • Fig G63

Sub sub-bullets used

Changes in EN WIKI

  • No navigation panel in EN (Module 4.4)PDF pg G30
  • PDF pg G33 >> Change in formula (≤ instead of ≥)
Laurent: check EN wiki, there are mistakes

PDF pg G32 >> Fig G42b >> (1) and (2) are footnotes ?

Footnote text is missing

  • PDF pg G41
Reference added --Suniti (discussion) 1 juin 2016 à 03:55 (EDT)

Table notes format to be checked

to see with laurent, migration of 7.2, 7.3, 7.4--Romain.R (discussion) 6 juin 2016 à 08:43 (EDT)

Table footnote is there in En but not in FR

  • Pdf pg G48 >> Fig G63c

images to be checked (For Laurent )

  • Fig G20 (Extra image in EN)
  • Fig Gf17 >> text added with image