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Discussion:La norme NF C 15-100 dans l’habitat

De Guide de l'Installation Electrique

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Chapter Q >> Migration is done --Suniti (discussion) 14 juillet 2016 à 03:28 (EDT)


to do

Name of the module to be Page to be changed (For Laurent)

Autres locaux supérieurs à 4 m2, circulations et WC >> Autres locaux supérieurs à 4 m2, circulations et WC

Level 3/4 changed

Format and contents of table Q4 and Q4(bis) >> To be checked

L'équipement minimal défini par la norme NF C 15-100

I checked and added some column sizing for better results
  • Suniti there is point that is not OK: all the paragraphs starting with icon Picto-PH.gif should not be part of previous bullet point
so please remove all the "p /p" coding you added, and just go to next line to start the paragraph with that icon
I already modified the first 2 sections (up to and including "Séjour"), so you can see how to do
--LMischler (discussion) 15 juillet 2016 à 04:27 (EDT)
  • and I have the same comment in all pages where you added the icons "reco" and Picto-PH.gif
Suniti please make the corrections
Done but need to discuss few pages as the text before the pictures are coming are seven after sub-bullet points or may be sub-bullets are continued after the text having these pictures (please see)

Norme NF C 15-100 : extérieur#Alimentation des points d’utilisation extérieurs
Norme NF C 15-100 : schéma et identification des circuits
Norme NF C 15-100 : gaine technique logement

To be confirmed/checked or sub-bullets to be changed to bullet points?


Bullets/Sub-bullets points added/changed

ok with some modifications--Romain.R (discussion) 20 juillet 2016 à 06:02 (EDT)

PDF pg Q23 >> Table >> The footnote numbers are both in alphabets [a], [b] and numbers [1], [2] >> so changed them all to continous alphabets i.e [1] changed to [c], [2] changed to [d] ....

Norme NF C 15-100 : locaux contenant une baignoire ou une douche#Matériels électriques admis selon les volumes (tableau 701A)

I have made adjustments to the table notes, for coherence with PDF (and for me it's OK to use a, b, c ...) --LMischler (discussion) 15 juillet 2016 à 04:38 (EDT)

Pdf pg Q25 >> Fig Q20 >> Text 1, 2, 3 mentioned in the paragraph is moved under image as image is having three numbers related to the text

Norme NF C 15-100 : gaine technique logement#Canalisation (771.558.2.5)

ok, perfect--Romain.R (discussion) 20 juillet 2016 à 05:48 (EDT)

PDF Pg Q13 >> Fig Q5 >> For arrow mark in the Row2/ column 2 math formuls is used for "arrow" sign

it was OK and looking like the book, but I tried a different idea = a + sign which for me is more understandable than the triangle
also added extra space before the "lamp" and these icons
Romain to validate this modification --LMischler (discussion) 15 juillet 2016 à 04:46 (EDT)
ok--Romain.R (discussion) 20 juillet 2016 à 05:46 (EDT)