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--Suniti (discussion) 15 mai 2016 à 23:14 (EDT)

Chapter E migration done - points to check

NOTA: I have changed 1st level of bullet points to sub-titles, for better readability as there are many points ... u're not the only one to do that Suniti ;-) --LMischler (discussion) 17 mai 2016 à 11:40 (EDT)

gallery of image --LMischler (discussion) 12 mai 2016 à 07:23 (EDT)

  • I have created a gallery of image in page Les tableaux
  • in the book there is no seaparate title for the figure, it is just the [a]... and [b]... information
for b we need to indicatesn contôle commande de process--Romain.R (discussion) 6 juin 2016 à 07:51 (EDT)
  • in the wiki I decided to add the description text below each image (and that's the option both of you preferred)
  • but then I had to choose a title for the gloab figure
  • Romain please check with Panelbuilders offer manager and validate the texts (for Okken, text before figure talks about "controle ..." but title below image says "TGBT ..."
checked --Romain.R (discussion) 6 juin 2016 à 07:46 (EDT)

PDF pg E25 >> Table E35

my suggestion is to replace the "blue squares" by text "r3", as all other indications are textual too and as the use of blue color can be confusing as blue is for neutral conductor ...
Table migration done >> please check and validate --Suniti (discussion) 19 mai 2016 à 00:50 (EDT)
Romain please do a quick check with Denis --LMischler (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 04:52 (EDT)
ok, Checked

PDF pg E26 >> Image E38 to be migrated as it is having text inside it

new source available in BOX, Suniti to convert it
Image migration done Les canalisations

2 parts are almost identical

"Trois éléments de la norme CEI 61439-1 (NF EN 61439-1)" "Trois éléments des normes CEI/NF EN 61439-1 et 61439-2" Les tableaux#Normes CEI/NF EN 61439 for Romain, to check with expert--Romain.R (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 04:13 (EDT)

yes you are right Romain, I think it is a mistake in the french book, as it is twice the same content
you should check with Denis which version of text to keep
and put this text in the "grey box" to highlight it
--LMischler (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 04:56 (EDT)
this remarks will be check with françois--Romain.R (discussion) 6 juin 2016 à 07:48 (EDT)

feedbacks from Laurent

text to be validated in page Liste des influences externes

ok --Romain.R (discussion) 6 juin 2016 à 07:58 (EDT)
  • at the beginning of the page, text in orange background, the end of sentence says "sur fond grisé" ==> to be modified after confirmation of the fr-specific look&feel of the wiki


PDF pg E30 >> There is no Fig no. 41 >> after fig 40 it directly goes to 42 instead of 41

let's just keep this info for memory, but no action required --LMischler (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 02:58 (EDT)

PDF pg E35 >> Bold text points changed to level 3 headings Choix de canalisations préfabriquées en présence de courants harmoniques#Procédure de choix simplifiée

ok --Romain.R (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 05:30 (EDT)

PDF pg E3 >> Fig E2 >> combined two tables together Les liaisons à la terre#Les composants

good idea, it's look better --Romain.R (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 05:24 (EDT)

PDF pg E7 >> Bullets changed to level 4 headings for better readability and avoiding (-) as sub-sub bullets Caractéristiques des schémas TT, TN et IT#Principales caractéristiques

ok for me --Romain.R (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 05:24 (EDT)

PDF pg E12 >> Removed the text as it it referencing to other page (Voir note (1) page suivante) and changed it to a footnote number >> (TBC) >> Réalisation et mesure des prises de terre#Piquets

Good --Romain.R (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 05:24 (EDT)

PDF pg E14 >> change in EN and FR formula (no. 2) >> Réalisation et mesure des prises de terre#Mesure de la prise de terre

it was a mistake in the english wiki (the english book is OK), I made the coorection. Thanks for seeing it Suniti --LMischler (discussion) 17 mai 2016 à 11:40 (EDT)

PDF pg E21 >> Fig E33c >> Les tableaux#Vérification de conception

  • Table note to changed to BI?
  • Bullet points issue >> tried to change (-) to bullet points in table note , they were ok and coming as bullet points but the footnote point [b] is not coming as a seperate point but as in continuation with the above bullet point text (TBC by Laurent)
I tried a few things but it's not working ==> for me it's good the way it is, let's not waste more time on that point --LMischler (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 02:01 (EDT)

PDF pg E24 >> Bullet points changed to level 4 headings >> Les canalisations#Distribution par câbles et conducteurs isolés

yes, it's better--Romain.R (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 05:30 (EDT)

PDF pg E37 >> Bullet points added under heading Exemple >> Classification des influences externes

ok for me--Romain.R (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 05:30 (EDT)

PDF pg E39 >> Fig E60 >> subheading text changed to light blue(HC1) and sub-subheadings to Grey(HC2)

OK for me --LMischler (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 03:09 (EDT)

PDF pg E39 >> row text AR >> to be corrected in PDF as the rows below AR are refering to AQ1, AQ2...

OK, validated during weekly meeting --LMischler (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 03:10 (EDT)

PDF pg E40 >> Fig E60 >> the french specific text is added as a row in the table at the end >> TBC Liste des influences externes

OK, validated during weekly meeting --LMischler (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 03:10 (EDT)

PDF pg E42 >> the french specific text in Fig note text E63 (to be confirmed) >> Degrés de protection procurés par les enveloppes des matériels : codes IP et IK#Définition du code IK

As discussed changed the complete table footnote text to FR specific text --Suniti (discussion) 17 mai 2016 à 05:13 (EDT)
OK, done as discussed

PDF pg E36 >> Fig E58 >> there is some coloured text in PDF which is migrated in black (To be checked as to change the colour of the text or not) >> Choix de canalisations préfabriquées en présence de courants harmoniques#Le doublement de la section du neutre n'est pas la solution optimale.

As discussed changed the coloured text to Bold-Italic text --Suniti (discussion) 17 mai 2016 à 05:13 (EDT)
OK for me --LMischler (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 03:02 (EDT)

PDF pg E10 >> Fig E18 Critères de choix des schémas TT, TN et IT

  • Footnote text is not coming after number (i)
I made the correction, it's OK now --LMischler (discussion) 17 mai 2016 à 11:40 (EDT)
  • there is a footnote no. L and L bis >> to be checked
OK --LMischler (discussion) 17 mai 2016 à 11:40 (EDT)

PDF E10>> missing note J to T

to do, for Suniti--Romain.R (discussion) 16 mai 2016 à 10:08 (EDT)
see upper, already mentioned by Suniti --LMischler (discussion) 17 mai 2016 à 11:40 (EDT)

As the two images were divided and placed inside a table but there was no table no in the xls file

  • pg E15 so table no. given as "Tab1136" after the last no. of the table in xls file
OK, I forgot to reserve a table ID for this one, good to have chosen a table ID just after the ones reserved for this chapter (I always keep a number of IDs as "reserve" at the end of each chapter) --LMischler (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 03:37 (EDT)
  • pg E32 the table no. is "Tab1137" for Fig E48
for this one a table ID was already available in my xlsx file = Tab1129, so no need to use Tab1137 ==> I have modified the wiki page to put Tab1129 and updated the figures xlsx --LMischler (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 03:37 (EDT)

For module 2.3 there is an EN link but the EN page is having no content >> Choix de canalisations préfabriquées en présence de courants harmoniques#Procédure de choix simplifiée

the link is OK, but it is because this is one part that was not yet updated in the english wiki (missing part from 2015 updating !) --LMischler (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 03:01 (EDT)

Quality of images to be checked

  • Fig E30
the bad visual result was due to the fact that the wiki was enlarginf the uploaded bitmaps (too much compared to image uploaded size)
I have modified the "widths" and "heights" values in the gallery syntax.
Suniti please re-check the syntax here: EIG-wiki-syntax-2016#Gallery_of_images
as these values should be adapted according to the images in the gallery
--LMischler (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 04:41 (EDT)
  • Fig E40
it is due to a "bad" behaviour of AI (latest version), which defaults back the SVG conversion to "responsive" images (eg with no fixed size) every time you restart it,
and I forgot to uncheck this parameter when I converted this image manually --LMischler (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 04:41 (EDT)
  • Fig E59
image of switchboards was OK, but image of MPact was not good, because the source file is not good
I have re-used a MPact photo from english guide 2016 - chapter H and reconverted it
and also placed MPact image on the left as in the book
now it's OK --LMischler (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 04:41 (EDT)

PDF pg E10 >> Fig E18 Critères de choix des schémas TT, TN et IT

  • the footnote no. (a) in first row is not coming with text TT, TN and IT >> to be checked
it is (now) OK when I look at it on my PC, though no change was made, same for you ? --LMischler (discussion) 18 mai 2016 à 03:16 (EDT)