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gallery of image --LMischler (discussion) 12 mai 2016 à 07:23 (EDT)

  • I have created a gallery of image in page Les tableaux
  • in the book there is no seaparate title for the figure, it is just the [a]... and [b]... information
  • in the wiki I decided to add the description text below each image (and that's the option both of you preferred)
  • but then I had to choose a title for the gloab figure
  • Romain please check and validate the texts I have chosen, for global figure and for each individual image

--Suniti (discussion) 15 mai 2016 à 23:14 (EDT)

Chapter E migration done

Points to check

  • PDF pg E21 >> Fig E33c >> Les tableaux#Vérification de conception
    • Table note to changed to BI?
    • Bullet points issue >> tried to change (-) to bullet points in table note , they were ok and coming as bullet points but the footnote point [b] is not coming as a seperate point but as in continuation with the above bullet point text (TBC by Laurent)
  • PDF pg E25 >> Table E35 (To be migrated after confirmation)
  • PDF pg E30 >> There is no Fig no. 41 >> after fig 40 it directly goes to 42 instead of 41
  • PDF pg E39 >> Fig E60 >> subheading text changed to light blue(HC1) and sub-subheadings to Grey(HC2)
  • PDF pg E39 >> row text AR >> to be corrected in PDF as the rows below AR are refering to AQ1, AQ2...
  • PDF pg E10 >> Fig E18 Critères de choix des schémas TT, TN et IT
    • Footnote text is not coming after number (i)
    • there is a footnote no. L and L bis >> to be checked
    • the footnote no. (a) in first row is not coming with text TT, TN and IT >> to be checked
  • Quality of images to be checked
    • Fig E30
    • Fig E40
    • Fig E59
  • As the two images were divided and placed inside a table but there was no table no in the xls file
    • pg E15 so table no. given as "Tab1136" after the last no. of the table in xls file
    • pg E32 the table no. is "Tab1137" for Fig E48

  • PDF pg E26 >> Image E38 to be migrated as it is having text inside it
  • PDF E10>> note mising J to T
to do, for Suniti--Romain.R (discussion) 16 mai 2016 à 10:08 (EDT)