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Discussion:Bien choisir une architecture de distribution électrique

De Guide de l'Installation Electrique

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--Suniti (discussion) 9 mai 2016 à 21:50 (EDT)

Chapter D >> Migration Done

Points to Check

ok, validated during weekly meeting --LMischler (discussion) 10 mai 2016 à 04:28 (EDT)

to be modified, use image syntax without frame and add text below image separately (in a different table cell, probably) --LMischler (discussion) 10 mai 2016 à 04:28 (EDT)
Image modification done >> To be checked --Suniti (discussion) 12 mai 2016 à 01:04 (EDT)

I could not make it work ... but the main problem with this page, as discussed, is that with current format it is very hard to read
I modified the beginning (upto § Evolutivité de l'installation), to test a different formatting
Romain: please check if this new format is OK
another possible idea would be to change this content as a big table, a bit like on that page of the english wiki
--LMischler (discussion) 10 mai 2016 à 04:28 (EDT)

I have modified the TableEnd template, it works OK now --LMischler (discussion) 14 mai 2016 à 17:03 (EDT)
replace the "cf..X"--Romain.R (discussion) 15 mai 2016 à 13:49 (EDT)